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Traveler's Notes : Important Websites!

Go Online -  is the best way (for me) to gather information about travel destination, transportation system, train schedule, and many - many - many more! There are many useful websites, blogs and forum that provide various information about travelling and the most important, their own travelling experiences. I always find it interesting to read others travelling stories and wonder what my story will be if I travel to that place.

Among millions travelling websites, blogs and forums, here is my - must-visit - websites whenever I am looking for some inspirations to decide my next travel destination in Europe. Hope it is useful! :)

Search Engine
Google! - it answers EVERYTHING! Budget Places - for cheap hotels, hostels, apartment, bed and breakfast Hostel World - another place to visit to look for cheap hotels, hostels, apartments, B&BAirbnb - if you want to meedle with locals or want to rent your room, apartment, etcTravel Guides
Lonely Planet - for your travel destination inspirationsT…

Postcard #3 : Paris

Another postcard to celebrate 15,000 stamps ! :)

Since April was Paris and Netherland's month for me last year, so I would like to share my postcards from Paris today.

Hmm, it could be said as the first postcards I had ever bought in Europe and since it was the first time I bought postcards (and it is PARIS!), I bought A LOT of postcards!

The price for a postcard range from 10 - 50 cent.

and they are my favourites! <3 
If you would like to know about the places drawn on the postcards, you could read my previous post about Paris - here.

Flower City Next Door

Just like what I said before, this month I will write a lot of shorties! So, here is another shorties - where the title is inspired by Korean Drama - Flower Boys Next Door. I changed the "flower boys" into "flower city" - because I want to share about the flower city located next to Reutlingen, the city where I lived in Germany. This flower city is none other than Tübingen.

Tübingen is located 15 minutes away from Reutlingen - or around 1 hour from Stuttgart with train.

Actually, I had never wanted to visit Tübingen because I had never heard about this city and I could not find any interesting places there. I went to Tübingen because my friend, Joel who lives there invited me to "his city" on the weekend. He said that we could play kayak there because Tübingen is crossed by Neckar River. Since I had never played kayak before, I got excited and accepted his invitation.

The journey went so short (it's only 15 minutes!) and we went directly to the c…

Postcard #2: Greece

Before I end this day, I would love to share the second postcard.

Today's postcard originated from Athena, Greece. 
Since I had never thought to send postcards, I only bought 3 postcards without send it from the post office there. (boo)
But wait, I think I did not see any post office nor mail box in Athena and Thessaloniki. So, it was not my fault (hahaha) 
The postcards here are quite cheap - around 30 - 50 cent only. 

THIS PLACE will be my next destination whenever I visit Greece again in the future!

The Odeon of Herodes and Acropolis in Athena. 
You could read my previous post to know more about Acropolis in Athena.

All Around Europe : Trains in Germany

Back to All Around Europe series!

For today's post, I would like to share the information about the train in Germany as train is one of the main public transportation in Germany and it is always essential for us, travelers to know the transportation systems in our destination country.

Driven from my experiences, I got confused about the types of trains in Germany because there are many types of train in Germany and I did not know what are the differences between each of them. Therefore, I hope this post could help you to get to know the types of trains in Germany!

ICE (Inter-City Express)

The fastest train in town - with top speed up to 300 km/h! 
You could choose this train for a long journey travelling because it is very comfortable (especially 1. class) and the train only stops in the main train station. With a great service, no wonder if you have to pay more for ICE tickets compared with other train types. However, you could get a discount up to 50% if you buy the ticket at lea…

Postcard #1: Vatican

Postcards and travelling are so closely related.

I learned it for the first time when my friend told me that she has sent many postcards to Indonesia while she was staying in Germany. I laughed at her at first but the more I travel, I realized that even though postcards do not too popular in Indonesia, but it IS in other countries. And, postcards are the CHEAPEST authentic souvenirs you could buy wherever you are travelling!

From this, I get an idea to write about my postcards in Traveler's Passport. It might look so boring, but I hope through this post I could spread the "postcards fever" to all travelers around the world!

So, here is my first postcard in Europe - the one originated from Vatican. I sent it on July 2nd, 2012 from post office in Vatican.

The price for each postcard is around 50 cent - 1 Euro and the stamps costed around 1.60 Euro.

Since it was the first time, I sent three postcards to Indonesia and took picture from each of them! :)