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All Around Europe : Döner

My all-time-favorite food in Europe : Döner !

It feels funny to say that Doner is my favorite food while in Europe. Some of you might thing "WHAT?" or "HOW COME?" or maybe "She has a weird taste."

Well, you are right. There are LOTS of delicious foods here - so many cheese, bacons, sausages - but despite all of those MANY delicious European foods - I choose Döner!

Why I choose Döner? There are certain reasons for that.

1. It's cheap! 
The most common reason. Hahaha. It is the cheapest food - in the whole Europe. (Maybe to be exact, in all European countries I've visited) Usually, by spending 2 - 5 Euros you have already got a tasty Döner  Even, in Vienna, I found the cheapest Döner ever - it's only 1.50 Euros and tasted GREAT!

2. It is BIG.
Well, for me - as an Asian. One portion of Döner is equal to 2 normal meals. In the early week, I couldn't eat the whole Döner at once. I have to eat it at least twice - because it's too big. OF COURS…

Trick Art Exhibition Jakarta

Hello travelers!

It has been a while since my last post. I'm quite busy preparing for the upcoming exam and my brain almost exploded due to excessive studies. :p

To help my (almost) exploded brain - I'm going to refresh my brain a little - by writing a short post about my visit toTrick Art Exhibition in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. 

Trick Art was first introduced by Japanese in 1980. Trick Art is the type of artwork that makes use of optical illusion by using shades, colours, perspectives, and lighting - to create the 3D effects. Through years, trick art has been known worldwide and now, it is time for Indonesia to get to know about Trick Art!

Trick Art Exhibition in Indonesia, is held in Grand Indonesia - one of the famous shopping mall in Jakarta. The exhibition is held for 2 months - starting from 2 December until 3 February 2013.

For the entrance ticket, here is the complete list of the ticket price:

Monday to Friday 
Regular : Rp. 50,000
Children/Student : Rp. 35,000

Saturday and…

The Fairy Tale Castle, Neuschwanstein

Versi Bahasa Indonesia : Kastil Dongeng, Neuschwanstein

The fairy tale castle, Neuschwanstein. It is often said that this castle is the inspiration of all castle in Waltz Disney's works, including the logo of Waltz Disney itself. Amazing, isn't?

For those of you who want to visit this castle, you come to the right post!

Let's scroll down, travelers!
Location. Neuschwanstein Castle is located in Füssen, Hohenschwangau, Bayern. You can reach this city only for 2 hours journey by train from Munich.

Activities Just like in fairy tale, this castle is located in the forest, surrounded with the great Alps Highlands. So, could you imagine how great the view from up there? German people will say WUNDERBAR!

Here are some activities you could do while you visit the Neuschwanstein!

1. Mesmerizing the white-fairy-tale castle from Marianne bridge
The view of castle from Marianne bridge could be said as the GREATEST. I could not find the right word to describe it, so you could just check th…

Menjelajahi Eropa Tengah part II-B : Tambang Garam Wieliczka

Howdy, travelers! 

Kembali lagi di travel series Menjelajahi Eropa Tengah.

Di pos travel series terakhir, saya membagikan informasi mengenai negara Polandia dan juga kunjungan ke Museum Auschwitz. Pos ini merupakan lanjutan dari perjalanan saya di Polandia yang difokuskan di  kota Krakow dan tambang garam bawah tanah Wieliczka. Oleh karena itu, untuk kalian yang baru berkunjung, kalian dapat terlebih dahulu membaca pos Menjelajahi Eropa Tengah Part II-A : Museum Auschwitz untuk mengetahui beberapa informasi penting mengenai Polandia dan juga cerita dari kunjungan saya ke Museum Auschwitz di kota Oswiecim, Polandia.

Setelah mengetahui informasi tentang Polandia dan berkunjung ke Museum Auschwitz, sekarang saatnya mengunjungi kota Krakow! Let's go!

. . Berkeliling kota Krakow 

Kota Krakow adalah kota kedua terbesar setelah Warsaw dan sedang dipromosikan sebagai kota tujuan wisata oleh pemerintah Polandia. Sebagai kota wisata-wanna-be, kalian sudah dapat menemukan banyak kantor informa…

3 Things you HAVE to DO in Venice

Versi Bahasa Indonesia : 3 Hal yang Wajib Dilakukan di Venice

Canals. Bridges. Small roads. Colorful old buildings. Welcome to Venice . . .
Venice is a small city in the small island nearby the northest mainland of Italy. This city is so small and looks completely different than other cities in Italy. Its uniqueness lies to its canals and small roads that connect every parts of the city. 
Since there are no big roads in the city, no vehicles allowed in the city. You have to use your own feet or by boat to explore the city. Sounds fun, doesn't?
To explore and feel the uniqueness of this amazing small city, there are 3 things that you HAVE to do in Venice. So, what are these three things? 
1. Visit St. Marco's Basilica at 11.30 AM
St. Marco's Basilica is located in Piazza San Marco and the biggest church in Venice. As one of the city landmark, you can visit this church for FREE - which is a good news! 

This church is famous with its decoration made from gold-colored-mosaic - co…