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Hello. Again.

After all these days and YEARS, hello again blogger and readers! 
Millions of things happened to me in the past few years.  New things. New job. New life. And recently, new place to live. (Yeah, I moved to Bali recently) 
These hinder me to go back to my laptop, open my blog, and write my stories again. 
But, today -- I'll try to sharpen my writing skill again and continue writing those stories kept in draft for a LONG TIME and finished it, one-by-one. 
And, man... those drafts, those stories was already 4-5 years ago!  Time flies so fast and I hope my brain could still remember what happened back then. Ha. 
As I checked there is new template published, I also decide to make things look newer here. 
Hopefully with the change of style, it could give me new motivation to continue this travel blog project. 
Wish me luck with the self-motivation! 
Btw, happy long weekend, fellas!